Mosiri is…

I have been all my professional life blending technology with human sciences. Studied engineering, humanities, arts and economics from my integrated view.
I worked in Telefónica 23 years before I moved to IKEA as the first Digital and Innovation Manager in Spain to jump later into the Pharma industry joining ASTRAZENECA in the middle of the pandemic crisis.
I wrote one of the first edited Digital Transformation books in Spanish in 2015, «La gran oportunidad», where I shared the principles of how Digital was a must for all the industries at that time.
I am a solid speaker, passionate teacher at IE Business School and amateur writer. These are examples on how I share all my learnings and my experiences on transformation.
I have been linked with IE since I was one of the few pioneer students who was part of the first edition of the e- Business MBA  at 2001-2002, later as a teacher and always as part of the IE community supporting the institution in anything it has been in my hands. I am particularily proud of my representation of IE Alumni during the graduation ceremony for the master programs of all IE University´s schools on July 2020.
During the last 5 months, througth my own transformation experience, I have been desinging new ways to support individuals and companies «to find themselves» and «find their way» into their glorious future.
I am passionate, curious and kind and now more than ever, I understand how the essential and the digital together are and will be the base of our future.

During the last 5 months, througth my own transformation experience, I have realized of the power of «the essential» in business and on individuals. I am a bridge for individuals and companies to find themselves and find there way into their glorious future. 

My passion, curioussity and kindness to blend the esential and the digital to  seed and blosson people and businesses .